Ahh Edinburgh…

There is no finer place in the world during August. It is our spiritual home. Macrocosmic has long-standing, strong, relationships with all the major venues and much experience in the idiosyncrasies of staging a show at the world’s biggest arts festival. Of course we offer full production management, but we have also come up with the following packages to help you make the best of your Edinburgh experience. Our rates take into account the unique budgeting challenges faced by Fringe producers and you will be given an individual price, based on your circumstances.

If you are new to the Fringe Festival:

For a one-off fee we will meet up with you to explain the way it works and give advice on how best to approach mounting an Edinburgh show. Following the meeting we will provide you with a unique manual to help you through, containing deadline reminders; detailed venue information written from our experience; a list of services (and what you can expect to pay for them) and pointers to avoiding the pitfalls.

FAQ: doesn’t the Fringe website do all that?

ANSWER: The Fringe website is a marvellous tool, but the Fringe Society is there for all 40,000 shows. We will look after yours, giving you that extra edge – helping you to get noticed and enjoy your Festival experience.

A Technical Audit:

We will review your preparations, make sure there is nothing you have missed, write strategies for your turnaround and ensure you are armed and ready to face your run. We will endeavour to iron out any problems before you arrive in Edinburgh, where they could become expensive mistakes.  

An Advocate at your tech:

Tech time in Edinburgh is a very precious commodity. We will discuss your requirements, plan your tech and be there to make sure the best use is made of the time. Most seasoned performers on the Fringe have a story to tell of a nightmare tech. Between us, there are very few circumstances we haven’t faced before and our hindsight notes are second to none. We will act quickly to make sure the show is ready to face its first performance.


After you’ve started your run, you might still face challenges. Perhaps your turnaround is overrunning and affecting the shows that follow you; or a particular piece of equipment is letting you down. Whatever the issue, call us in to find the solution for you.

QLAB building and maintenance

Macrocosmic will build the QLab for your show. Most shows rely on Qlab nowadays, but you may not be aware of its foibles or the brilliant things that it can do for you. We will make sure the program is simplified, runs accurately every time and that your laptop won’t overheat mid show.

“Thank you so much for helping to turn our mad dreams into a reality. You’ve been providing invaluable advice ever since those early meetings with assembly, those chats around the table with you & Molly. And in Edinburgh you became super-human: whittling that get-in time right down with almost military precision, problem-solving everything we threw in your path (often very last minute!) and generally just keeping the whole show on track.” – Ben and Adam, Goose