One of the best-reviewed acts of Edinburgh 2015 and 2016. Strobe-speed sketch-pinball from a corybantic one-man cartoon. Live band, obvs.

Concept & Reality


Thank you so much for helping to turn our mad dreams into a reality. You’ve been providing invaluable advice ever since those early meetings with assembly, those chats around the table with you, Molly and Bono. And in Edinburgh you became super-human: whittling that get-in time right down with almost military precision, problem-solving everything we threw in your path (often very last minute!) and generally just keeping the whole show on track. Thanks again – you’ve been amazing” Ben & Adam – Goose



EUROBEAT is “the biggest, most hilarious party” and “pure, unadulterated Euro-pleasure” with “sky-high production values”



Want to find peace of mind but can’t be bothered to get up early for yoga? Would rather be in the pub than chanting naked up a mountain? Worried your spiritual journey may involve bus replacement? Then come to this show and have it all sorted out for you by mindlessness hipster guru Arthur Smith who, in a series of mindless exercises and inspirational observations, will bring you to the sublime state of stresslessness.

“This man is an idiot” – Western Daily Press

Arthur Smith – The Arturart Museum of Socks

A unique exhibition telling the little known but inspirational story of socks. Rarely studied, discussed, or even thought about, socks have nevertheless made a huge contribution to the history of humankind. For this unique and inspiring exhibition Arthur Smith has sought out some of the great socks of the past (including a pair worn by Alexander the Great and a blue one possibly worn by Elvis Presley), in order to tell the astonishing story of this humble garment.