Maybe the budget for a tour can’t run to stage manager, however much you would like to have one with you.  Fear not, for Macrocosmic has developed

The Tour Book ©.

Designed to benefit any show big or small, and written in the universal language of technical theatre, The Tour book does all the work for the performers, leaving them to concentrate on preparing for their performance.

The Tour Book is a package made up of setting & strike lists, LX & sound schedules, a prompt copy and a Qlab file.  The performers will have a physical paper copy to take with them on tour and we make a set of electronic back-ups too.  All they have to do is hand over the book on arrival to the technicians working on the show.

It will even have options available for the rare occasions when a theatre doesn’t use Qlab – Ali has tamed PowerPoint to run in a similar way.

In addition, we can write the tour spec for you and send The Tour Book out along with that in advance of the tour.

The Tour Book is an affordable alternative to having a stage manager with you.

As with all our services, the package will be tailormade for your production.